This page will contain an exhaustive list of links to resources (papers, videos, tools, etc.) that are available via the web in one way or another.

Software Architecture / Design Resources:

  • 4+1 View of Software Architecture (Phillipe Krutchen, 1995) – This paper describes a wonderful model for how to ensure that a new or evolving software solution must address a wide variety of different, sometimes even opposing, contexts and needs.  Even more important that what this resource does for software, I have applied the 4+1 “meta model” to many different kinds of contexts such as a 4+1 view of a project, a 4+1 view of a methodology, etc.  Anytime you need to make sure you and your team must attack a complex situation from multiple angles, come back to the principles identified in this whitepaper for sure!

SalesForce / Resources:

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