Welcome to the part of the website that is dedicated to the business development aspect of my career and the work I have done to help other organizations, and even my own company, succeed in reaching their targeted goals and objectives.

Businesses I have either helped significantly grow or created during my career…

  • Survey Land Express – provided this startup land surveying company the IT consulting and services needed to take them to an Atlanta market leading positioning through rollout of business process improvements and cloud-based solutions to included SalesForce CRM and Quickbooks Online.
  • Twizmo Games – as product inventor and co-founder, provided the business process and IT services needed to rapidly rollout 6 physical game products across the US and internationally and provided game app development leadership.
  • MCIC Vermont – as Senior Solutions Delivery Manager, Scrum Master, and software process manager, provides this captive, medical malpractice insurance company the services needed to support the rollout of a new insurance product (Community Physicians) and the migration of their legacy systems to the SalesForce ( platform from Riskonnect.

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